What’s Happening!

Here’s an update on what’s happening in Room 211:

Reading – To go along with our Fall on the Farm theme, we’ve been reading Baby Animals as well as working on blending -at words like cat and mat.  I’ve sent extra readers home with everyone to practice tracking, turning pages and expanding vocabulary with the supportive pictures.  Please read and reread the books with your child as this supports cognitive and language development!

Math – We’ve been learning that objects that match are the same.  During all parts of our day, we are able to identify same and not same.  For example, two friends might have the same snack, but their jackets are not the same.  Another math word was also introduced, “set.”  Sets are groups of objects that are the same.  Using interactive Boom decks, we’ve been identifying sets that are the same with our thematic vocabulary (for example, finding sets of apples or turkeys that are the same).

Second Step – The past couple of weeks have been focused on listening skills.  We’ve been singing the Listening Rules song throughout our day where we remind ourselves that good listeners have eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet and body calm.  We practice being good listeners while we are hearing stories being read aloud, while we are working in small groups and when others are speaking.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Challenger’s PTA is hosting a Dance-A-Thon fundraiser next week on November 18th.  Please check out this link for more details and how to register: https://youtu.be/VxOfAT3L8nA

Thanks so much for your partnership!  Don’t forget to check out the photos and have a great weekend!

Jaime 😊