Hello Room 211 Families!

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re ready for both tricks and treats!  We’ve been having a great time practicing trick-or treating in Motor Language Group and will soon be carving a pumpkin and exploring all the different parts!

We’ve been adding pumpkins to our math activities.  Each family received a printed copy of Maria Counts Pumpkins to read at home.  We practiced our looking and listening skills as well as counting with 1:1 correspondence.  We also practiced listening to and making sound patterns.   It’s been fun incorporating music into math as we’ve got a class full of musicians!  See if you and your child can make different sound patterns by clapping, stomping and shaking bells or maracas at home.

Our literacy lessons are going well.  We are continually working on letter sounds and blending.  Students are working on following directions, recalling identifying information (name of self, name of school) and making cross-out marks.  I’m noticing an increase in participation.  Lessons provide review of previously addressed skills, so there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in and share with the group when they’re ready to.

Other Information:

Vision and hearing screenings are scheduled to happen in our classroom on Tuesday, October 26th.  Our school nurse, Julie Pileggi, will be conducting the screenings with the help of program staff.

October 29th is a School Spirit Day – Dress as your favorite character from a book.  Here are some reminders when planning for the optional dress-up day:

  • The only face coverings allowed are COVID masks. Make up is not allowed.
  • Wigs should not be worn.
  • Weapons are not allowed-even if they are a part of the costume.
  • Costumes should be school appropriate and comfortable to wear all day.

Elementary Conferences are quickly approaching with the online Conference Scheduler opening on November 1st.   If you choose to schedule a conference, whether it be in-person or on Zoom, please sign up with your child’s General Education teacher (more information to come directly from them).

For those who ordered school pictures and would like a re-take, those are happening at school on November 9th.   Please let me know in advance if you’d like retakes and be sure to send the first photo package back to school with your child.  Any questions about reordering, please visit

I hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Take good care,