February Fun!

Hi, Room 307 Families!

We are well into February and just over a week away from celebrating Presidents’ Day and Mid-Winter Break.  As we wrap up our winter theme, you may see materials being sent home for extra skill-building practice.  These activities are a great way to build language and vocabulary.  Please reach out if you’d like more ideas for engagement.

Here is an update on what we’ve been up to:

Upon arrival, friends are smiling, waving, and greeting each other with eye contact!  Each morning, we have a door holder helper who is responsible for initiating the social interactions.  It’s been a fantastic way to start our school day together.  Once unpacked, everyone settles into their unique schedule and works hard on their individualized goals.  We are in the middle of the second trimester with progress reports going home next month.

We just finished Lesson 12 in reading and Lesson 9 in language – still strengthening and reinforcing /a/, /m/, and /s/ and working on identifying information and object identification.  In math, we have been working on the numeral 5 and will introduce the numeral 6 before break.  Please practice counting objects at home and creating sets of objects while setting the table, getting clothes ready for the day/next day, sorting silverware, or while playing with toys and other preferred items.  Finally, in Second Step, we’ve been talking about not giving up and to always do our best.  We’ve read Katy and the Big Snow (written by Virginia Lee Burton) multiple times – reinforcing positive self-talk!

Thank you to everyone who joins the live sessions, accesses the asynchronous materials on Clever and works on the targeted skills at home.  The partnership between school and home is so important and the hard work is not going unnoticed!  I appreciate the notes in your child’s communication notebook, too.  That brief communication provides an insight to how your child may be feeling, and program staff are grateful for that.

Have a fantastic weekend…and please don’t forget to check out the latest photos!

Take good care,