Happy New Year!

Hello, Room 307 Families – Welcome to 2021!

Here is a brief update on what’s been going on in the new year!

In class, we have been finding our school groove again.  It’s been a smooth adjustment back to our routines and structures.  We have all been working on greeting each other as we arrive and start our day together.  We have been fairly lucky with the weather during recess and have occasionally extended our outdoor time to soak up the sun.  The bridge on the playground has been a popular spot for many this week.  It has given us a chance to naturally work on social skills!

Literacy – Our listening skills have been put to the test with our Reading Mastery lessons!  We are learning to use longer sentences to state our names, the names of others and the name of our school as well as common objects found at school or home.  We are continuing to reinforce the sounds /a/ and /m/.  The /s/ sound was introduced last week and will continue to appear in combination with the previous sounds.  It is great to see the work friends are doing at home.  I appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep students engaged during our remote times – whether that is on Zoom or asynchronously.

Math – Our focus for the last two weeks has been on the numbers 3 and 4.  We’ve revisited key vocabulary and added more to our number notes each week.  Cardinality (understanding that the last number used to count a group of objects represents how many are in the group) and subitizing (ability to instantly recognize “how many” in a small set) are our main focus with as we strengthen our number sense in the weeks and months to come.

Social Emotional Learning – Hopefully everyone’s attent-o-scope made it home safely this afternoon (stapled cardboard tubes with smiley stickers).  We use them to help us focus our attention.  We focus our attention so we can learn, much the same way we use whole body listening in class and during remote sessions.  Multiple times during class, we read The Listening Walk, by Paul Showers, that tells a story of a girl, her father and her dog, Major, as they go on a listening walk where they do not talk.  They listen to the sounds of a lawn mower, cars, a jet overhead and more.  We even played a game where we focused our attention to see if we could figure out which teacher in the room was making a special sound.


As we head toward the weeks ahead, please mark your calendars with the following NO SCHOOL dates:

January 18th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 25th – Teacher Work Day

February 15th-19th – President’s Day & Second Winter Break


Check out our latest batch of school photos, too!  Have a fantastic weekend – I’ll see students back in Room 307 on Tuesday!

Take care,