December Update

Hello, friends!


Welcome to December!  The cold, wet weather hasn’t slowed anyone down in Room 307.  I am so proud of the progress, effort and attention seen in class from everyone!  We are chugging along with both our literacy and math curricula as well as our social emotional learning!  Here is a quick update of where we are at:


Literacy – We just wrapped up Lesson 5 in Language and Lesson 6 in Reading.  We continue to work on following directions, building our vocabulary through object identification, pronouncing sounds in isolation, learning sound/symbol associations, and a variety of blending activities.  Please continue to work at home on the sounds being taught:  /aaa/ as in am…and … /mmm/ as in man


Math – As we dive a little deeper into math, we move away from matching, sorting and identifying attributes and head toward counting and demonstrating understanding of the concepts of zero, more, equal and less.  Please note, our math program will continually cycle back to previously taught material in order to reinforce foundational skills.


Second Step – Last month, two puppet friends joined our class!  Their names are Sam and Maria.  We all welcomed Sam and Maria to our class by telling them our names.  We greeted them with waves, smiles, and friendly hellos such as, “Hi, Sam!”  Sam and Maria will continue to make appearances this school year.  Right now our focus is on whole body listening.  In class we practice the following phrases:

Eyes watching (point to eyes)

Ears listening (cup ears with hands)

Mouth quiet (shhhh finger over mouth)

Body calm (hug self)


As always, if there are ever any questions, concerns or good news to share…please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Thank you all for your cooperation in filling out the communication sheet every morning!  I know it’s one more thing to manage, but the information is so helpful to the beginning of our school day.


Wishing everyone a safe Winter Break from December 21st – January 1st.  We are back in the classroom on January 4th.


Take great care and happy holidays to all!


PS: Take a peek at the new photos!