Off to a GREAT Start!

Wow! I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to be back in the classroom with students and our program staff. Everyone is finding their groove and settling into our morning routines so well. We are all working hard toward individual goals during our short 2.5 hours at school. I’m sure your child is coming home tired!

For the online component of our day, we have started using our core curricula – Reading Mastery and Equals. Although these programs are not intended to be used in a remote setting, we are doing our best to deliver content and make connections. In reading, we are really focused on the (short) ă sounds – ă as in apple. In math, we’ve started with very important vocabulary words – look and listen. These are especially helpful as we continue with our online learning. We are also using Second Step in the morning. We have welcomed a new (puppet) friend to class. His name is Sam. We welcomed Sam by saying, “Hello, Sam” with our words or by waving to Sam. It was important to look at Sam, too, so he knew we were talking to him!

October is coming to an end, however, we are still carrying on with our Fun in the Fall theme. You might see the same activities coming home in backpacks that you already have at home. Please remember the importance of repetition for mastery and improved independence! Multiple skills can be targeted within the same activity, too.

Check the website for new photos from the week. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (and don’t forget the time change)!

See you in November,