We’re Back!

Hello, all!

What a fantastic first day back in our learning space! No tears and no tantrums! You couldn’t tell who was more excited to be back – students or staff. I am looking forward to tomorrow – another chance to work on our school routines and gain independence!

Just a few quick notes about today –

1. There was confusion around the attestation forms that are required by ISD each morning. Moving forward, in every backpack we put a small stack of blank forms. Please fill one out each morning and send it in with your child. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival.

2. Thank you for sending in requested items! We never know what the morning will bring us, so it’s better to be prepared with extra clothes and clean masks.

3. The Afternoon Materials notebook – please send it back each morning empty. We will place any needed items in the notebook for our PM Zoom sessions. I will also check the notebooks for any notes from home and place notes from school in there.

Please continue to stay in touch as we take one day at a time!

Enjoy the evening,