Return to Building – UPDATE

Dear Families & Students Receiving Services in Learning Resource II (LRC II) Elementary Programs,


On Thursday, October 8th the Issaquah School District Board of Directors and Superintendent approved a re-opening plan for our Elementary Learning Resource II and Early Childhood Education Programs. We will be opening classrooms for our LRC II and ECE programs effective Thursday, October 15th, and students who have elected to attend in-person services will be welcomed into their assigned school buildings.


Building principals and special education teachers will be communicating with your family about logistics about student schedules, the public health and safety attestation process, student wearing of personal protective equipment, and school or programmatic information related to the return to in-person services. If your student receives transportation services to-and-from school, you will be receiving information from the Transportation Department shortly about your student’s route/schedule.


Issaquah School District is following health and safety guidelines from King County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, and Labor and Industries. Consistent and diligent following of health and safety procedures from County and State agencies will help us keep our families, students and staff healthy. We all play a significant role in ensuring the health and safety of the ISD community. You can help by following and supporting the guidelines below:

  1. Daily Attestation Process: Students, staff, and visitors will be required to follow ISD attestation procedures prior to entering a school facility. The attestation process surveys confirmed exposure to COVID-19 and current health of the student, staff, or visitor. If staff or students report exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms related to COVID-19, they will be asked to remain home. Completion of the daily Attestation Process is required prior to entry in school.
  2. Student Illness at School: If staff or students become ill at school or arrive to school with illness, the ISD COVID-19 Building Supervisors will do the following:
    1. Remove the student from class and walk the student to the building designated COVID-19 isolation space.
    2. Take the temperature of the student & document illness symptoms.
    3. Call the parent for immediate pick-up of the student.
    4. Review King County Public Health guidance on returning to school:


    1. To maintain the health and safety of classmates and ISD staff, students and staff will be exited from the classroom and learn in an alternative space for the day. After 24-hours, the classroom space will be cleaned, and students can return to their learning environment.
    2. Families will be contacted only when a positive case of COVID-19 is reported.
  1. School and classroom activities will incorporate health and safety activities.
    1. Teachers are designing workspaces to support physical distancing. This may include use of plexiglass dividers between students, individual or small group activities, station-based work.
    2. Handwashing and personal hygiene will be integrated into daily schedules.
    3. Prioritization of learning and activities outside, when weather permits.
    4. ISD Staff will wear recommended personal protective equipment including masks and/ or face shields. In some instances, ISD Staff may also wear protective gowns,  gloves, and shoe coverings.
    5. Students will wear masks to school, unless they are physically unable to take them off and on, they have a preexisting condition that precludes them from wearing a mask.


While we are taking many precautions to ensure staff and students are safe, we are also focusing on strategies to welcome students back to school in a manner that helps them feel belonging, connection, and allows for developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning and interactions with peers. We are so excited to be learning and growing in our classrooms again, and we can’t wait to welcome our kids back to in-person services!


Please reach out to your building principal, program director, or teacher with questions.


See you all on Thursday, October 15th!



ISD Special Services