Summer Supports

ISD’s Special Services Department has created thematic summer learning materials.  These are optional enrichment activities very similar to the EELRs provided during Weeks 1-3.  The overall theme is Summer is Here! and is broken up into 4 different units that have about two weeks worth of content for each.  Mix and match, pick and choose – it’s up to you!


Summer is Here – WATER! (start here)

Additional materials:

     All About Water Core

     Bubble Painting

     Fun in the Water (Raz Kids)

     Fun in the Water (Main Idea)

     Fun in the Water (Word Cards)

     Rocking Paper Plate Boat Art

     Sink or Float Water Balloons

     Summer Safety Sorting Game

     Sun Safety Life Skills

     Sunscreen Application Practice


Summer is Here – BUGS! (start here)

Additional Materials:

     All Day Long Songbook

     Ant and Grasshopper (RAZ Kids)

     Ant and Grasshopper (Word Cards)

     Ant Puppet Art

     Ants at a Picnic Book

     Apple Spider Cooking

     Backyard Map Measurement

     Beautiful Bugs Book

     Beetles on a Stick Cooking

     Bug Scavenger Hunt

     Bug Vocabulary Cards

     Count the Mosquitoes

     Counting Bugs (RAZ Kids)

     Creepy Crawler Move and Match

     Creepy Crawler Number Matching

     Creepy Crawler Tic-Tac-Toe

     Creepy Crawlers Book

     Fly Away, Bugs! Game

     Glue the Ants on the Picnic Blanket

     Insect Core Words 1

     Insect Core Words 2


Summer is Here – CAMPING! (start here)

Additional Materials:

     Camping Core 1

     Camping Core 2

     Camping Fun Songbook

     Camping Scavenger Hunt

     Color the Summer Pictures

     Fun the the Summer Vocabulary

     Going to the Beach Songbook

     Summer Shapes

     Summer Telling Time

     Summertime Bingo

     Summertime Charades

     Summertime Color by Numbers

     The Playground (RAZ Kids)

     The Playground (Beginning Sounds)

     We Go Camping (RAZ Kids)

     We Go Camping (WH- Questions)

     What Do I need for Summer Vacation?

     What Melts in the Sun? Science

     Who Have the Summertime Item?


Summer is Here – Let’s Cool Off! (start here)

Additional Materials:

     Coin Sorting Template

     Ice Cream Addition

     Ice Cream Counting

     Ice Cream Flavor Survey

     Ice Cream Recipe 

     Ice Cream Parlor Book

     Ice Cream Subtraction

     Ice Cream Cone Topping Counting

     Ice Pop Match

     Lemonade Recipe

     Lemonade Shapes

     Let’s Design a Lemonade Stand

     Let’s Make Lemonade (RAZ Kids)

     Money Math

     Money Templates

     QTip Ice Cream Activity

     Triangle Flag Banner