Rainy Days

Thank you for everyone’s cooperation and quick turn-around time with the wet clothing bags that have been popping up more frequently. As a reminder, all students go to recess – rain or shine – and jumping and splashing is a preferred activity for many. Our field is often times saturated and the puddles seem to be calling some of us by name!

We continue to introduce math concepts thoughtfully and in an order that progressively builds on previous concepts. We have been diving a little deeper, really narrowing in on same and different. The skills we are covering are essential math skills that will be built upon to develop useful and function math knowledge and understanding. Some are learning to attend to a group lesson and how to interact as expected with math materials during instruction. Others are strengthening their prerequisite math skills so they can generalize and make mathematical connections across environments. For this exact reason, we have been making math connections to our reading – comparing things that are the same and things that are not the same for characters such as Clark in Clark the Shark, written by Bruce Hale. This has been a great story reminder of school rules – especially important as we are all readjusting to the school routine with our recent winter break, snow days/delays and sick days for many.

With our recent snow days, make up days will be added to the end of the school year in June. The district will announce the official last day of school later this spring when we are past the possibility of potentially hazardous weather.

Coming up next month:
Second Winter Break – NO SCHOOL from February 17th-21st. Please let me know in advance if your child will be absent leading up to the scheduled break or if they will be extending their break.

I’ll likely be added additional photos to our website tonight! Stay tuned!

Take care,