So Much to be Thankful For!

What’s been happening? Here’s a quick overview from the last two weeks in Room 307!

Every general education classroom had an individual lesson with Playworks this month. Their mission is to build inclusive playgrounds where all students are offered opportunities to play. It’s been a great addition to Challenger recesses. I’m looking forward to seeing what the springtime brings as the Playworks program evolves and our students feel more comfortable joining group games.

First graders participated in a Science to Go lesson this week. Our second graders worked through another Nature Vision lesson as well as an art docent-directed project where they drew self-portraits in the style of Modigliani with oil pastels.

We also celebrated our two wonderful school bus drivers this week! We invited Mr. Bob and Mr. Roger into our classroom for a small celebration to show our appreciation for their dedication to keeping students safe to and from school. We created a fall book and decorated a pillow for both drivers. We also baked hot cocoa cookies and made hot chocolate to share with them. Our program is very lucky to have these two special people on our team!

As a wrap to this week, we invited Ms. Wincentsen’s class to Room 307 to bake even more cookies…but this time they were for us to enjoy! We also played a whole-class game of Squirrel and Acorn. It was such a nice way to end the school day on a positive, cooperative note.

*Upcoming days off:

November 28th – November 29th Happy Thanksgiving!

December 4th – December 5th Parent-Teacher Conferences. As the schedule stands right now, I will be attending every conference! Looking forward to this time together to share your child’s general education successes!

Wishing your family a memorable Thanksgiving celebration,